Stop Discrediting the Communist Left!


Throughout the history of the labour movement, adventurism has created a dilemma when it comes to organizing the working class and its political tendencies. Adventurists, in line with their sense of adventure and goals, have repeatedly tried to approach the proletarian political milieu with the intention of creating ambiguity, either politically or organizationally, by creating circles or influencing the political milieu. Their actions create a barrier so that militants approaching proletarian positions cannot reach the real communist positions or be absorbed by the communist currents. Between 2009 and 2011, an adventurer named Ahmad Farsi tried to play such a role. He pretended to turn to the communist left, while continuing his destructive activities. We responded to this issue to the best of our ability and informed the main currents of the communist left about this problem.

In January 2020, the International Communist Current (ICC) published an article “Who is who in ’Nuevo Curso’”[1], expressing its concerns about the group’s ambiguities (both theoretically and organizationally) and the fact that it considered itself to belong to the communist left. Based on previous experiences, we welcomed the stance of the ICC and hoped that this article would be in line with the transparency of the proletarian political milieu and that other currents would also welcome this transparency. Logically the Nuevo Curso (NC) in response should have addressed the issue of political transparency in order to show that it was committed to proletarian values and principles, which would not only have led to the transparency of the proletarian political milieu but also strengthened the NC.

 Unfortunately, the NC, through its silence, not only failed to address the issue of political transparency but also caused more ambiguity. While the NC chose silence, the charlatan gang called the International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL) used this article as a pretext to once again start spreading malicious lies about the ICC. The fundamental question is why does the IGCL oppose the transparency of the political milieu? The fact remains that any transparency in the political milieu will reveal to the public the charlatanism, adventurism and gangster behaviour of this gang. Strengthening communist and proletarian values ​​and principles is not in the interests of political charlatanism. Hysterically published an article entitled “New ICC Attack against the International Proletarian Camp”. In other words, it seems that the ICC has already carried out several attacks on the international proletarian camp, and this is a new attack. The same political charlatans had previously resorted to dirty and Goebbels-like lies to discredit the Internationalist Voice, as if the Internationalist Voice had discredited proletarian political groups in the political milieu (not just one group but various groups), but these charlatans are unable to name the discredited political currents [2].

 Communism in general and the communist left in particular do not constitute a religion that can be joined, whose name they will carry forever. The communist left, while declaring an allegiance to internationalist theories, is also committed to proletarian values ​​and principles. Unfortunately, circles and groups attribute themselves to the communist left, and their actions are aimed at destroying the values ​​and goals of the communist left. For example, the “Controversies” site considers itself as a forum for the Internationalist Communist Left, but by publishing articles written by one of the admirers of the Islamic bourgeoisie [3] (who has recently moved towards he left of capital), it practically creates a kind of ambiguity. We sent a protest letter to the Controversies site, emphasizing that publication of such texts in the name of the communist left only creates confusion in the political milieu, and we wanted to end the discrediting of the communist left. Of course, we later found out that they had done the same in other languages. We then sent a copy to the ICC and the Internationalist Communist Tendency (ICT). The reaction of the ICT comrades to our protest was very principled, and they replied: “A right and wise decision.” Of course, the IGCL’s discrediting of the communist left is in no way comparable to the Controversies site. The IGCL adheres to no social principles or values, and it will seize every opportunity to assert itself in any way possible.

 One of the disgusting acts committed by this charlatan gang has been to sow discord among revolutionaries. In a reprehensible manner, they flatter the ICT while discrediting other revolutionaries. With a great name that a truck can not carry, when they have nothing of their own to publish, they publish articles written by the comrades of the Internationalist Communist Tendency. While we are in solidarity with our fellow comrades, when we publish their articles, the article is republished in social media and is read more than 1500 times.

Unfortunately, in the political milieu, worker communism is sometimes mistakenly attributed to the tradition of the communist left, which uses the function of worker communism as a pretext, enabling them to start spreading sludge against the communist left, a clear example of which is the communist voice from America [4]. Meanwhile, in 1985, the counter-revolutionary and bourgeois current of worker communism, as a critique of the political platform of the Internationalist Communist Party, slandered and humiliated the communist left and Battaglia Comunista. There was no one to expose to the public the bourgeois and counter-revolutionary nature of worker communism in several languages at the same time, from its formation to its disintegration into different factions, so that no one could slander the communist left by using the bourgeois function of worker communism. For 32 years, there was no one to respond to Hamid Tagvaee, the “theoretician” of worker communism. In 2017, we responded – paragraph by paragraph – to Hamid Tagvaee’s delusions and slander, and defended the legitimacy of the positions of the communist left and Battaglia Comunista [5]. Decent defence of the communist left! This is the difference between true solidarity and the so-called defence of the communist left currents by those who seek to discredit it.

These fugitives from the communist left never fought within the ICC because it was not a precondition for such a struggle, nor did these fugitives have the potential for such a struggle; otherwise, the story of their struggle from Paris to Marseilles and from Marseilles to Mexico City should have been a source of inspiration for a new generation of internationalists. These knights; have never fought in battle, and they do not deserve the medals they wear. If currents like worker communism have muddied phrases like worker, communism, revolution, etc., these phonies have also confused the true meaning of the “communist left”, “Bilan”,  “internationalism” and so on.

 This is not the first hysterical attack by knights who have not fought in the communist left against the communists; they had already resorted to dirty lies out of desperation, accusing the Internationalist Voice of provocation, discrediting proletarian groups, and so on. A gang whose disgraceful life began with provocation, lies and charlatanism can have no function other than to discredit the communists and internationalists.

They resort to disgusting lies, which possibly have been claimed that they are police agents. No one has made such a claim. They spread such rumours only in order to present themselves as victims. Neither you nor Reza Rakhshan [6] are police agents. It is claimed that your performance is in the service of the political police. The services you provide to the bourgeoisie cannot be performed by a police agent, just as a police agent cannot provide the services that Reza Rakhshan does in his work clothes for the employers of Haft Tappeh. Of course, Reza Rakhshan has long been a disgusting figure – not only for the thousands of Haft Tappeh workers but also for millions of other workers. In their melancholy world, these pretenders hang the “Legion of Honour” emblem around their necks and consider themselves to be flag bearers in defence of the communist left, but if they are not careful, they will come to realize that they are, in fact, wearing the emblem of disgrace around their necks.

 For us, the communist left is not only a number of “political positions” but also proletarian principles and values. We have seen many groups like this who are actually political charlatans; they take different forms, depending on the time and geographical location, and they have nothing to do with communism, internationalism and the working class. Political charlatans and provocateurs should not be taken seriously. By the same token, we will, to the best of our ability, defend the position of the communist left and help strengthen it. We will also continue to defend communist values and principles – with claws and teeth if necessary – and stand firm against the discrediting of the communist left.


M. Jahangiry

12 august 2020




[2] See “The Symphony of Disgrace”

[3] Dr Mohammad Qaraguzloo, recently shifted to the right wing of the left of capital. Controversies website published articles by one of the Islamic bourgeois ideologists. Those who are unfamiliar with the Persian language might have thought the website publishes articles by internationalists in Farsi. We only mention two of them.

The doctor, an ideologist of capital, in his praise of octopuses, such as the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic bourgeoisie and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic bourgeoisie, once wrote:

“Taken together, these two goals, first and foremost, would drag Mohammad Khatami’s seizure policy into a completely blind and dark impasse. The conspiracy was barred by the intelligence of the Supreme Leader, the pursuit of the President, and the intelligence, tact and rationality of the Ministry of Information and the enlightenment of the press.” [Our translation]

The same ideologue, with regard to the ideological superstructure of the Islamic bourgeoisie, which has created a real hell on earth for the working class, questioned whether Marx recognized Shiite principles of justice, while believing that religion is the opium of the working class? He wrote:

“The rise of Marxism, which claimed religion as the opium of the working class, saying that ‘In the event of a radical change in productive relations and the abolition of capitalist exploitation, religion will disappear’, in terms of credibility, it is a kind of historical reaction to theocratic governments. Here, without going into the context of this process, it is not too far-fetched to ask whether Karl Marx was acquainted with the fundamental ideas of Islamic civilization and, in particular, Shiite principles of justice; and, instead of dealing with medieval priests, whether he would have argued with a philosopher like Mullah Hadi Sabzevari to insist that religion is the ‘opium of the masses’ and a barrier to historical progress, and justify ‘bourgeois-proletarian’ tyrannical relations?” [Our translation]


[5] Worker Communism Radical Conscience of the Left of Capital – Part 8

[6] In the history of labour struggles, humble humans have always been found, who, despite being workers themselves, have been working against the interests of workers, by indulging in major weaknesses (lying, slandering and throwing slime) to erode the fighting spirit and provide grounds to break a strike. Reza Rakhshan is now the symbol of this kind of humiliation. Speaking with lumpen language, he tries to humiliate and defeat labour struggles, referring to striking workers as clowns. He has accused labour and strike leaders of seeking to become famous and playing superman, while claiming that labour protests and strikes serve American and Saudi policy interests. For him, calling for workers’ councils is the mantra of overheated and hallucinatory communists, thus providing an excuse for suppression.

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