Water in the Ants’ Nest: The Absence of Identity of the Communist Left or the False Identity of the Tendency to Abolish Wage Labour

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Publication of the Book Satanic Verses
  • Fields of Book Publication
  • Weaknesses of the Book
  • Criticism or Public Exposure of the Bourgeois Nature
  • The Cultures of the Communists and the Metamorphosed Leftists
  • The Identities of the Communists and the Metamorphosed Leftists
  • Revolutionary Commitment or Bourgeois Laws?
  • Who Are Delusional about Being Omniscient?
  • The Pragmatism of the Metamorphosed Leftists
  • Ideological and Communist Traditions
  • What Does the Expediency Assessment Council Consider Expedient?
  • A Radical Critique of Capitalism or Creating Ambiguity?
  • The Attachment
  • Basic Positions




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