Leftism in the Role of Metamorphosed Councilism

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Marxian or Marxism?
  • Failure to Adhere to the Basic Principles
  • Anti-Capitalist or Leftist?
  • The Rise of the Proletariat as a Social Class
  • The Concept of the Decline of Capitalism
  • The Marxist Concept of Anti-Imperialist Struggle
  • Bourgeois Revolution or Proletarian Revolution?
  • The Principles of Marxists
  • Distortion of Engels or Distortion of Marxism?
  • The 1840s Was the Decade of the Emergence of the Working Class
  • The Experience of 1848 and the Horizon of the Proletarian Revolution
  • Marxism Against Schapperism
  • Marx and Universal Suffrage
  • Marx and the Paris Commune
  • The Evolution of Capitalism and Labour Unions
  • Entryism in the Movement for the Abolition of Wage Labour
  • A Well-Known Labour Figure or the Translator of Leader Capital
  • The Anti-Capitalist Organization
  • Labour Councils or Caricatures Called Councils
  • Marx’s Irresponsibility?
  • Faking Class Battles in the Style of Stalinism
  • History Writing in the Style of Stalinism
  • Social Democracy, the Murderer of the German Revolution
  • Rosa Luxemburg and Misleading Workers
  • The Nationalism of the Movement for the Abolition of Wage Labour
  • The Marxist Concept of Exploitation
  • The Communist Left, the Only Horizon
  • Basic Positions:



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