Polemic with the International Communist Party (il Programma Comunista): Marxism or Schapperism?

Debate is vital, necessary and crucial to internationalists. The revolutionary movement cannot take effective steps unless the internationalists play a dynamic role in the development of this movement. This is only possible through the discussion and confrontation of different points of view within the proletarian political milieu.


The International Communist Party (ICP) (il Programma Comunista) is one of the currents of the communist left which is rooted in the Italian communist left faction. The ICP, both in form of the Italian communist faction and later, defended internationalist positions during the black counterrevolutionary period. The ICP has sections in different countries and publishes publications in several languages. The ICP, given the internationalist stance, which belongs to the communist left, and the decades of defending proletarian positions and Marxism, has a greater responsibility in defending communist positions and Marxism.

Following the Russia-Ukraine (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO) imperialist war, the groups of the communist left tried to issue a joint statement and condemn the imperialist war with a common voice and fight against it. The International Communist Party (Il Programma Comunista, ICP) announced that now is not the time for talks, but for putting into practice the implementation of revolutionary defeatism.

Again, following the Middle East or Israel/Palestine war, the groups of the communist left made an appeal and repeated the same previous request, emphasizing the need to refer to the Zimmerwald Conference and defend the communist left tradition. Unfortunately, the ICP repeated its previous attitude through a text entitled “After the Appeal… Here Is the Counter-Appeal.”

This attitude of the party (Il Programma Comunista), that is, avoiding “unnecessary” conversations and avoiding the calls of appeal of the “chatterboxes,” shows how close it is to the communist tradition. How much has the ICP has been engaged in pragmatism, what was this pragmatism and to what extent was it in line with the goals of the communist left?

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction      
  • Marxism or Schapperism?           
  • The Imperialist War and the Task of the Revolutionary  
  • The Task of the Revolutionary Organization        
  • Popular Protests or Class Struggle?         
  • Seize the Factory or Seize the Power?   
  • Trade Unions are Part of the Capitalist State       
  • The Left of Capital          
  • The Necessity of Discussion       
  • The Tasks of the Communist Left             
  • Basic Positions:


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