The Symphony of Stigma

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This text was supposed to be published last year, but it is being released now because of the Middle East war and related events.


The Movement of the Satellite

The International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL) is the discoverer[1]. It found that the Internationalist Voice was one of the satellite groups of the International Communist Current (ICC) and that the ICC had attacked other communist groups in “close coexistence” with its satellites (“en estrecha simbiosis con su satélite”). Recently, with the help of the Holy Spirit, this group has discovered that several Stalinists in the ICC were sentenced to life in a concentration camp for violating the orders of the leader of the Stalinists, Peter. The Holy Spirit also informed this group that the convicts undergoing forced labour in the camp boldly and courageously rebelled against the Stalinists despite the inhuman conditions there. Therefore, this group felt responsible and, while standing in solidarity with the rebels, invited all those deceived within the ICC to rebel against the dictator Stalinists and promised that if they were persistent in their uprising, they would be appointed to high-ranking and high-profile positions and would be issued the badge of the Legion of Honour.

In their melancholic world, the knights drag the communist values into the mud and degrade Stalinism, i.e., the victory of counter-revolution and the reactionary thesis of socialism in a country, etc., to the level of bourgeois democracy. They consider the Internationalist Voice to be a satellite of the ICC; at the same time, they flatter the comrades of the Internationalist Communist Tendency disgustingly; their flattery is so nauseating and ignoble that the latter are not satisfied with this level of flattery.

The Movement of the Bulletin

For believers, one of the miracles of Almighty God is that he made the Holy Mary, who was a virgin girl, pregnant. An angel revealed to Yusuf the carpenter that he was not to worry, for the Holy Spirit had placed Jesus Christ in the womb of the Holy Mary. Almighty God waited for more than 2000 years to repeat this miracle. This time, the Holy Spirit inserted the ICC’s internal bulletin in the holy womb of the IGCL in the same way that Jesus Christ was placed in the Holy Mary. Do believers doubt the works of the Holy Spirit?

Unfortunately, at that time, all the communist left groups were irresponsibly silent in front of the “new miracle” of Almighty God. No one reacted to the proletarian values and principles being dragged into the mud and considered it to be the problem of a particular group. The discussion is not about a specific current, but about the defence of communist values and principles.

The Movement of Salvation

The Holy Spirit has brought the news of the rebellion in the Stalinist forced labour camp to the ears of Ayatollah Khamenei, who is the shadow of Almighty God on earth. His Holiness remembers the previous atrocities of the Stalinists against the oppressed of the IGCL, because he is a supporter of the subjugated and the believers of the world; his kind heart hurts again, before he gets agitated and issues a fatwa, so that it is permissible for the believers, wherever they find the Stalinists, to leave them to “Haji Dawood”[2]. One of the believers informs him that “Haji Dawood” has recently gone to heaven due to the suppression of the infidels. His Holiness says to leave them in the hands of Raisi, who was also a member of the death committee, who has good experience in massacring infidels.

His Holiness also praised the sense of responsibility of these brothers and their efforts in helping the victims of Stalinists and declared that their performance is like an action on behalf of Almighty God. His Holiness informed Pope Francis about the developments, and both of them made a vow after consulting that they will recommend these “oppressed brothers” to the Almighty God so that they will all be considered among the saviours and have eternal life next to Jesus Christ. In contrast, the Stalinists will burn in the fire of hell.

The Movement of Provocation

 The peculiarity of political charlatanism is that it does not adhere to any principles and social values, let alone communist values and principles. It is not averse to lying on a clear day, having no sense of shame and, no matter how stupid work gets, unashamedly continuing to do the dirty work more viciously than ever. Serious and principled political currents do not take such charlatans seriously. They also have trouble getting accepted into the political milieu.

These knights, drowning in their melancholic illusions, only turn on the true internationalists and create trouble for them. Defending and helping the progress of the communist left is the work of true internationalists. We have a lot of important tasks and work ahead of us in line with the progress of the communist left, which we are undertaking in unimaginable conditions. However, we have repeatedly announced that any attack on the communist left will be considered an assault on the Internationalist Voice and will be met with our serious and sharp response.

Giving political character to a charlatan gang is the biggest mistake anyone can make. Anyone who politically deals with a charlatan gang will pay the price, even if it were Marx himself. Political charlatans and provocateurs should not be taken seriously; on the contrary, communist values and principles must be defended with gritted teeth.


10 October 2023

[1] Gangs like this one, whose attitude is more like gangster or mafia gangs than a political group, should be dealt with in the same way that Marx addressed Herr Vogt. This is one of Marx’s teachings. In response to the discrediting of the Internationalist Voice, we previously published the article “The Symphony of Disgrace”, which is also a continuation of it and in the same style.

[2] The head of Gizel Hesar Prison and the inventor of the coffin, someone who also took the lead in the torture and intimidation of Lajevardi.


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