The Anti-Capitalist Workers, A Manifestation of the Non-Horizon of Councilism

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Unlike communist left, which arose from the height of the world revolution and expresses the strength of the proletariat, council communism was formed from the ebb and flow of the world revolution, and was an expression of the weakness of the proletariat. Nevertheless, council communism in the 1920s and 1930s, despite having an idealistic approach to the history of the proletariat as well as its confusion, remained loyal to the proletarian positions.

The beginning of the Second World War erased “council communism” from the political scene. After the end of the Second World War, currents or militants tried to organize the positions of “council communism,” which were heavily influenced by anarchism, libertarianism, workerism, anti-fascism, modernism, etc. In other words, after the Second World War, “council communism” metamorphosed into “councilism,” which was closer to anarchism than to the original “council communism.” Therefore, the Second World War represents the distinguishing point of “council communism” from “councilism.”

The anti-capitalist workers do not want to declare their identity and political affiliation properly, but they belong to the metamorphosed form of councilism. The purpose of this book is not to examine the general performance of anti-capitalist workers, but to consider the portrayal of this tendency in the light of recent events and protests.

This book will show that this current has been able to take a correct position at some points. However, due to the theoretical disturbances that originated from the lack of horizons of the mainstream view, in the sense that it belongs to the metamorphosed form of councilism, in social events, it acts like the left of capital and incites intellectual disturbances within the working class. As a result, its members appear not as anti-capitalist workers, but as anti-dictatorship ones in social events, and they have a function in line with the left of capital, of which they apparently were or are critics.

The reviews of this book in the light of real events show that councilism is not only a mirage, and cannot be a reference for the struggle of the working class, but that it fuels the intellectual turmoil in the working class, sterilizes the struggle of the workers, and most importantly, distances the working class from its historical task of world communist revolution.

On the other hand, the communist left, despite the ambiguities, confusions and even mistakes it has committed, has always been loyal to proletarian positions and goals, has shown the way in class battles and has been a reference for working class struggles. The communist left has been the true continuation of Marxism in the last hundred years and has become part of the historical memory of the proletariat.

Enter into the discussion with the communist left tendencies and help the progress of the communist left, so that with active and internationalist involvement in the class struggle, you will be diligent in working towards the formation of the internationalist and international communist party. There is no possibility of a world communist revolution without the internationalist and international communist party.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • The political affiliation of anti-capitalist workers
  • The anti-capitalist workers and fascism
  • The anti-capitalist workers and reformism
  • The nationalism of the anti-capitalist workers
  • The root of the protests according to the anti-capitalist workers
  • The material force of protests according to the anti-capitalist workers
  • The nature of the protest movement according to the anti-capitalist workers
  • The demands of working women according to the narrative of the anti-capitalist workers
  • A lesson in courage from the anti-capitalist workers’ perspective
  • Demonstrating the power of the masses by capturing the municipality and stores
  • The despicable actions of workers and anti-dictatorship epic-makers
  • Criticism of the protest movement according to the anti-capitalist workers
  • Suppression of the need to continue exploitation
  • The working class or the masses
  • Class violence or adventure
  • Class battle or national struggle?
  • The Maoist socialism of the anti-capitalist workers
  • The minimum programme of the anti-capitalist workers
  • Proletarian or bourgeois values
  • The history of labour struggles according to the narrative of the anti-capitalist workers
  • Anaesthetized workers according to the anti-capitalist workers
  • The working class is a partner in executions
  • Howthe protest movement can become anti-capitalist
  • The anti-capitalist councils
  • Partisans of capturing the factory
  • The disruption of council power
  • Dismantling commodity production without social revolution
  • The communist left, the only horizon

Internationalist Voice

January 2023


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