Polemic with the International Communist Party (Proletarian): Worker Communism Belongs to the Left of Capital, Not Petty-bourgeois Democratism

The International Communist Party (ICP) (Proletarian) [1] is one of the currents of the communist left which is rooted in the Italian communist left faction. The ICP, both in form of the Italian communist faction and later, defended internationalist positions during the black counterrevolutionary period. The ICP has sections in different countries and publishes publications in several languages. The ICP, given the internationalist stance, which belongs to the communist left, and the decades of defending proletarian positions and Marxism, has a greater responsibility in defending communist positions and Marxism.

Worker-communism, by grasping at words such as international, revolution and communism, and with its radical phrase, has tried to introduce itself as a historical current which advocated Marxism against other anti-revolutionary tendencies. It has attempted to suggest that it is an internationalist current whose platform will become the platform of the social revolution, not only in the Middle East, but also in European and American workers’ movement. The acceptance of the “A Better World” programme of worker-communism by a party in the US and an organization in Belgium and France as their own programme was considered as an expression of the internationalism of the platform of worker-communism. Of course, both of these currents have apparently been removed from the scene and no longer extant [2].

The ICP in issue 13 of its English organ, Proletarian, published an article titled “‘Worker-communism’ or Petty-bourgeois Democratism?” [3]. It seems that the comrades are worried about this bourgeois and counterrevolutionary current with its radical phrasehase, as demonstrated below:

“This current can entice militants or proletarians in search of truly revolutionary positions.”[4]

The comrades’ concerns are completely understandable, but their reaction regarding worker-communism reflects their weaknesses and uncertainties with regard to the left of capital. The text from the comrades does not help to clarify the proletarian political milieu; rather, it creates ambiguity. The fundamental question is, can internationalists criticize the left of capital? A critique by the internationalists of the left of capital is only through communist revolution. We have no criticism of this bourgeois and counterrevolutionary current; but, from an internationalist perspective, and in defence of Marxism, it is publicly exposed through a series of articles and its bourgeois and anti-worker nature and function [5], and we defend proletarian positions. In the eighth section of the series, we have responded to all their smearing of the communist left and rattling around to defend the basic positions of the communist left.

The comrades along with the petty bourgeoisie, when evaluating the bourgeois and counterrevolutionary current, have only shown their weaknesses in relation to the left of capital. Instead of defending proletarian positions as on communist left, they have reduced the class nature of the bourgeois current to a petty-bourgeois one, and thus created ambiguity about the left of capital.

The article contains a lot of ambiguity and misinformation as well, which we will refer to. The sources that the comrades have used for their article have been the statements from worker communism itself, their followers or Wikipedia. The comrades also received some parts of our series of articles entitled “Worker communism Radical Conscience of the Left of Capital”, but they could have been more accurate in referring this resource [6].

Another weakness of this article was the reference to the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WCPI) and a group closes to the WCPI, the organization of the initiative of worker-communism, in their own critique, not the ideology of worker-communism in general and, most importantly, not the process of the formation of this bourgeois and counterrevolutionary ideology. In this regard, the comrades write:

“We will refer mainly to the Worker-Communist Party of Iran (W-CPI),… we will quote the text of an organization which is in its orbit, the French group «Worker-Communist Initiative», whose publication is called Worker-Communism.”[7]

The main reference to the WCPI and some part of its policies, which the other sects of worker-communism do not accept, and even emphasize that WCPI evolved out of the basic positions of worker-communism, was related solely to the WCPI, not the whole ideology of worker-communism. Further, this reference to the WCPI merely justifies the other sects of worker-communism, who argue that the WCPI once belonged to the left of worker-communism but turned into the left wing of the bourgeoisie. It must be shown that the ideological foundations of worker communism belong to the bourgeoisie, which have directed all social events against the working class and driven communism into the slime.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Upside-down History of Worker-communism
  • Turning workers into cannon fodder on the battlefield of war to defend the imperialist war
  • Stalinism Takes the Form of a Party
  • The democratic revolution and worker communism
  • Characters in the left of capital
  • Giving a Radical Identity to the Left of Capital
  • The Left of Capital or the Centrist Current
  • Trade Unions Are Part of the Capitalist State
  • The Role of the Left of Capital in Smearing Communist Values
  • The Communist Left and the Left of Capital
  • Notes:
  • Basic Positions:
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