The Propaganda War, The War of Propaganda

Once again, the images of the bloodbath and brutality of the Middle East war published in the alternative (unofficial) media break the human heart and shame the conscience. These depictions portray a real picture of the barbarity that is occurring in Gaza. Humans are being slaughtered in a war between two reactionary and barbaric forces. They are living in a prison called Gaza, deprived of water, food, electricity and other basic necessities. They are enduring hunger, thirst, war, imprisonment and brutal massacre, along with barrel and phosphorous bombs as well as air attacks, and, in short, a real and terrestrial hell which cannot be expressed in words.

The recent war in the Middle East exposes the brutality of capitalism, bourgeois morality and trickery, and the standards of the ruling class to the eyes of awakened consciences better than other ones. Human lives have a different value depending on which criminal kills them. Every war is accompanied by a massive campaign of hypocrisy, deception and lies to make the workers ready to sacrifice themselves, or kill their class brothers and sisters. The war is not only happening at the military level but, more acutely, a dirty propaganda war is also taking place to poison the global working class.

The Israeli propaganda machine, with the full support of the Western bourgeoisie, advertises that only Middle Eastern democracy has been attacked by savage terrorists and that the defenders of civilization have the right to protect themselves, claiming that they are defending the light against the darkness. Each front presents itself as “oppressed” and a “victim of rape” that must shield itself against the “aggressor”. The Israeli and Western propaganda apparatuses do their best to present a barbaric and cruel picture of the crimes of the brutal terrorists and how they kill Israeli women and children. Official Western journalism also publishes what Western democracy is supposed to offer to its citizens. The bourgeois democracy has better war propaganda; their lies are bigger and better, considering the rich possibilities they have for engineering public opinion. The obnoxious double-facedness of the Western propaganda machines has caused huge demonstrations to be held in most cities in Western countries, despite the bans on protests in defence of the victims of Gaza. In Western Europe, any compassion for the victims of Gaza in the workplace is considered sympathy for terrorism and will result in dismissal.

The war propaganda machine of the opposite front, although it does not have the facilities of the defenders of democracy, also tries to present a picture in their language of the brutality and crimes of the “Israeli Nazis” that created the “Palestinian Auschwitz”. They publish the images of the children who have died, a greater number than in the war in Ukraine but who perished in only a few weeks, and whose lives do not have the same value as those of the Ukrainian ones. This front also advertises the promise of another set of Nuremberg trials.

Depending on where you live or which front you are in, you will be bombarded with propaganda, and the crimes of the other side are considered “war crimes”, while those of your own front are considered “legitimate defence”. Today, Raisi, the President of Iran, a chief executioner appears in the role of a defender of Palestinian victims and talks about the crimes of Israel. He was a member of the death panel, who determined with a single question whether a prisoner should live or be executed, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people. During the recent protests, at least 500 people were massacred by the repression apparatus of the Islamic bourgeoisie. How can this person talk about Israel’s crimes? The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin on charges of war crimes, and Joe Biden, a democrat and seeker of justice, welcomed the court’s verdict, stating that it is clear that Putin committed a war crime.

In February 2003, at a meeting of the Security Council, Colin Powell, showing a vial of a white substance, claimed that Saddam had biological weapons, and as a result, the members launched a massive massacre to democratize Iraq, while in Abu Ghraib prison, they taught democracy to the prisoners. When a reporter asked about the more than 500,000 children who had died due to the sanctions against Iraq, a greater number than the ones killed in Hiroshima, Madeleine Albright, who played an important role in American foreign policy and infanticide, stated “It’s very difficult, but I think it was worth it!”. The honest and conscientious prosecutors of the International Criminal Court did not issue an arrest warrant for Madeleine Albright for the deaths of 500,000 children or for Colin Powell for killing hundreds of thousands of people in the Iraq war. All these courts, institutions, etc., are part of the war propaganda of the bourgeois factions working against each other.

The crocodile tears of democratic hypocrites and their solidarity with Israeli civilian victims are also in line with their own imperialist interests. Leaving aside Hiroshima, Vietnam, etc., these same philanthropic democrats, who oppose the killing of civilians, approved of the 778 bombers of the British Air Force and 527 bombers of the United States Air Force that dropped over 3,900 tons of high-explosive and incendiary bombs (barrel and phosphorus bombs) only on Dresden in Germany, destroying 90% of the city during four raids between 13 and 15 February 1945, when the war was almost over. They are doing the same thing to Gaza now. Israel has dropped 18,000 tons of bombs on the Gaza Strip, which is 1.5 times more than the amount that exploded in Hiroshima.

Erdoğan hangs the Palestinian scarf around his neck and talks about Israel’s crimes while he is busy bombing civilians. With his anti-Israeli statements, Erdoğan seeks to channel the anti-Israeli sentiments of the Turkish people. Azerbaijan supplies 40% of Israel’s oil through a pipeline passing through Turkey. It was enough for Turkey to simply close this oil pipeline to Israel. During the past 20 years, Turkish-Israeli economic relations have not been affected by political tensions. Why?

A short time before the slaughter of Gaza, under the guise of fighting Armenian terrorism, with the help of Turkey and Israel, Azerbaijan completely surrounded Nagorno-Karabakh and prevented the entry of food, fuel, medicine, etc., and after bringing the people of that land to their knees, the military attacked and essentially started the ethnic cleansing of Armenians. The International Criminal Court did not issue an arrest warrant for Ilham Aliyev or his other criminal associates for the ethnic cleansing of Armenians, just as it did not issue an arrest warrant for the French bourgeoisie for the Rwandan genocide. The International Criminal Court is a propaganda tool of the democrats to advance their imperialist goals.

Without war propaganda, without such advertising and without poisoning the working class, it is not possible to continue any of the wars. The only aim of the propaganda by these criminals is to poison the working class to accept war conditions, so that the working class will not be able to protest against the new conditions and will not resort to fighting.

All war criminals are aware of the potential of the working class. They remember in their historical memory that only this social class is capable of ending the war. Therefore, with their war propaganda and by creating intellectual turmoil, they want to prevent the awakening of the sleeping giant, the global working class, in order to more easily advance their imperialist goals.

For internationalists, the ethnic cleansing in Nagorno-Karabakh, the genocide in Gaza, the massacre of civilians in Israel, etc., represent the brutality of the barbaric capitalist system. The hypocrisy of the criminals, the demagoguery of the henchmen, and the disgusting shows in the den of thieves (the United Nations) are all part of the war propaganda of the different imperialist factions working against each other.

Capitalism has brought humanity into the age of permanent imperialist war. It is an illusion to ask the warmongers to stop the war. The peace of the warmongers can only be a smokescreen in war-seeking capitalism. From within the peace of capitalism, only the flames of war can spread. Only the class struggle of the workers can offer an alternative to the brutality of capitalism, because the proletariat does not have a country to defend and its fight must cross national borders and develop on an international scale. Only the working class, by overthrowing capitalism on a global scale, can destroy the material basis of imperialist tensions and bring permanent peace to humanity.

Down with the imperialist war!

Long live the war between the classes!



2 November 2023





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