Libya War a Continuation of the New World Order

Once again conscience of democrats could not tolerate killing of innocent people in the Libya. Once again clement hearts of democrats were hurt of intensity of Gaddafi’s crimes. Once again brutality of Gaddafi raised the solidarity of democrats. Once again democrats are determined to protect the people of Libya. Once again democrats are spending millions of dollars in their “humanitarian war”, and they coded the name of their war “humanitarian”. What deceit and lies!

Lies and hypocrisy of Democrats and their philanthropy becomes apparent when no part of the working class, in these countries, is safe from the evil attacks of the bourgeoisie. West bourgeoisie applying the hardest economic austerity to the working class.

Hypocrisy of democrats and the amount of their philanthropy is denuded when Saudi Arabia and allies of the America and West, in the region, cracks down the protesters in Bahrain and the democrats don’t object. Suppression of protests in other countries such as Jordan and Yemen is not important to them and their philanthropy has not been questioned.

Democrats are not only witness for massacring of people in Ivory Coast,  but also they and especially France are involved in these crimes and their actions are resulting in the killing of thousands and displaced over one million people. A question that arises is why the conscience of democrats does not bother about it? Why the nests of thieves and vulture nests (UN) became strangled?

West bourgeois has been defender of the “revolution” of Libya and also supports the interim government. The interim government, basically,  is a group of criminals of the former cabinet members of Gaddafi. The former Justice Minister, former Secretary Minister of Gaddafi ”Moussa Koussa” and other criminals, who are members of such an interim government. ”Moussa Koussa” was head of Libyan intelligence services for 14 years and he is as guilty as Gaddafi.

Rebels also announced “National Council of Libya”. In 4th April 2011, rebels sent the first cargo of oil, including one million barrels of crude oil through the port “Tobruk”. Qatar has expressed the wish for marketing of their oil, because it has recognized the Revolutionary Council in Benghazi as the legitimate government. The agreement of rebels with Qatar indicates that the rebels just pursuing benefits that only want to change the ruling class and to adept the national capital to the routines of global capital to secure the accumulation of capital.

This war is a reactionary war. War between different factions of the bourgeoisie in their dirty goals and interests. This war has caused thousands of inhabitants of cities in the fear of war, to escape the outskirts of cities. Shortage of food and drinking water has become an acute problem. This war breaks down the headband of the society and takes away the requirements for independent working class struggle. So this war is a war against the working class. This war prevents the working class as a social class, and gives its imprint to the events.  Thousands of “foreign” workers, because of the war, fled from Libyan, and lost their jobs. Exacerbation of ethnic, tribe and religious divisions, has overshadowed the class unity of the workers. This war diverts the protests from developing to an independent class struggle. This war prevented that the working class to create its independent neighborhood committees, factory committees, strike committees, fighting committees, etc.

Gaddafi taking advantage of the situation and stimulates the nationalist sentiment of people and he encourages the necessity of war with foreign offensive. Patriotism gets priority to the necessity of protest of misery life. Gaddafi is trying to pretend himself a true vexillate of pan-Arabism and become another “Gamal Abdel Nasser”.

While Libya had a close relationship with the France, Italy, Germany and even America and democrats, they did not need to hurt their conscience. Libya is between African countries and the Middle East. The other major factor is, Libya, carries a big oil reserves which has a very high quality and easy to develop and produce.

This war manifests rival between European gangsters, especially France, Great Britain and USA, over the amount of influence over Libya after Gaddafi. While Russia and China that have had extensive trade and economic relations with Libya, in practice could not play a serious role in the imperialist competition. Both, great gangsters like Obama, Cameroon, Sarkozy as well as little gangsters like Iran and Saudi Arabian, all looking for their dirty imperialist interests.  All of these vultures compete to slit carcass, this war is continuing of new world order after the collapse of bipolar imperialist world.

Capitalism is the origin for all misery and adversity throughout this cosmos. Changing of ruling class will not end our life like slaves. Capitalist democracy and capitalist dictatorship are two sides of the same coin, the barbarism of capitalism. Our interest is in the class struggle, the ghost of class struggle that the bourgeoisie fear most of all. Because in its evolutionary process leading to the revolutionary destruction of capitalist states. To end the barbarism and brutality of capitalism the alternative of internationalists is valid than ever:

“Communist Revolution or the destruction of humanity!”

Firoz Akbary

14 April 2011

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