The escalation of imperialist tensions between North Korea and the US and Internationalist Positions

After the collapse of the bipolar capitalist system and the victory of the Western Block, the Democrats promised world peace and public welfare. According to the New Order, it would be without the disorder, economic crisis and far from the reach of war. In the New Order, the US bourgeoisie tried to maintain the USA’s position as an unrivalled global superpower. This ambition on the part of the USA led to war and instability around the world, for example, the wars in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and dozens of other small wars.

North Korea is a specific form of capitalist barbarism, in which the ruling class sees its survival in escalating militarism. The austerity of the economy, the low standard of living standards, the suffocation, etc. In one word, enclosed in a large jail and a work camp, called North Korea is the product of Stalinism for humans living on that geographic border. The militarization of North Korea has been at the expense of the working class’s economic misery.

It is supposed to show this time the imperialist tensions as a threat of North Korea. We have not forgotten the propaganda of the US bourgeois about the Iraqi nuclear threat. The United States and Russia are the countries that possess the largest and most dangerous atomic arsenals in the world, and the United States is the only gangster that has ever used its nuclear arsenal, and its atomic arsenal is the greatest threat to humanity.

The fact is that the danger of North Korea is the codename of economic warfare, especially the war of hegemony over the region, between the United States and China. This time, North Korea is expected to find the fate of Iraq, in order to consolidate the hegemony of the United States in the Far East. China needs North Korea in its imperialist interests, but in the interests of China, North Korea should be a weak economic-military country. The presence of North Korea prevents US forces from settling on the Chinese border. Because of this, China is opposed to the military expedition of the US near its borders and to attack North Korea.

That, in the thief’s nest (UN), in the Security Council, China voted in favour of a resolution to intensify the economic blockade against North Korea, is in order to keep North Korea weak. The North Korean siege will disastrous the North Korean labourers’ livelihood, but will not have much effect on the North Korean rulers.

In recent days, imperialist tensions have intensified between the United States and North Korea and have become war atmosphere, with the danger of war rising. This time, Gangster democrats are supposed to bring another proxy war, again under the title of the World Peace, under the title of the Humanitarian Aid, to massacre the millions of people and working class in North Korea, South Korea and other countries in the region. This time, in order to ensure the hegemony of the United States, a bath of blood should be run in the Far East.

The First World War was an indication that capitalism had been a decadent social system, and that the era of social revolutions and imperialist wars had started. The danger of imperialist war represents a new era of life under capitalism; in the era of imperialism, war is inevitable. In order for World War to take place, the following two conditions must be satisfied:

  • The existence of two political, economic and military imperialist blocks
  • A working class which has been defeated worldwide.

In the past two decades, even though two coherent political, economic and military imperialist blocks do not exist, tensions have been witnessed between the large gangs. However, the working class is not ready to provide the sufficient support necessary for its alternative, i.e. a Communist Revolution against the barbarity of the capitalist system. But it is not defeated. Therefore imperialist wars are tending more toward regional wars, like the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and dozens of other small regional wars.

However, it should be stressed that the working class, albeit has not been defeated at the global level, but the impact of populism in recent years, whether in metropolitan capital or peripheral capital, has been a reflection of the retreat of the working class from its previous position globally. This retreat not only manifests itself in the retreat of the working class from its class identity but also the class struggle becomes more defensive every day. The retreat of the working class, allowed the global bourgeoisie to make it easier to resort to the basic solution to the crisis of capitalism, the threat of war.

The conflict between large and small gangs and their instigating wars are rooted in the upside-down system of capitalism. In the decadence period of capitalism, the era of imperialism, the era of crisis and war, the main aim of gangsters is to weaken each other. The only position that is revolutionary from an internationalist perspective is to view the capitalist system as the cause of all the misery in the world, since democratic capitalism and capitalist dictatorship are two sides of the same coin, i.e. the barbarism of capitalism.

Chained workers!

Different gangs of capital want to use us as cannon fodder in their imperialist tensions. For us all gangs of the bourgeoisie are reactionary to the same degree. Our interest lies only in the class struggle, as it is the ghost of class struggle that the bourgeoisie fears most of all, as, in its evolutionary process, it leads to the revolutionary destruction of capitalist states.

Only the advancement of the working class towards communist revolution, to pull down the miserable system of capitalism, will deliver a world without imperialist tensions and its wars around the world, and a world free of nuclear weapons. A world without class and wage slavery, is the world humanity deserves.

Internationalist Voice

24 September 2017

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