Solidarity with the Internationalist Communist Tendency

Once again, another important Communist Left organization has become the target of smear and discredit. Once again, the most determined militants of the Communist Left were accused of links with forces of the bourgeois state. Once again, the values and principles of the Communist Left were dragged through the mud.

The glorious and proud history of the Internationalist Communist Tendency will not be unclean with such smear campaigns. Internationalist Communist Tendency is historically and organically rooted in the currents that have defended the communist positions during the blackest period of contra-revolution. For more than 80 years, this current defended Communist Left positions.

These smear and discredit campaigns only benefit the political police. Communist Left does not only mean defending some political position but also means defence of the proletarian values and principles.

Internationalists, regardless of their convergence or divergence in political positions, must reject such actions and stress that they have zero tolerance for such acts. We would like to express our solidarity to the comrades of the ICT. We wish the best to ICT comrades for their battle in the class struggle for the Communist Revolution.

Internationalist Voice

23 April 2015

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