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On the cover of the first issue of the magazine, Bilan, November 1933



Our policy is not to publish or address any letters or questions that we have received. However, one of the questions submitted to Internationalist Voice was of such importance that we have decided to publish a response. Certainly, the answer to this question can be the subject of dozens of pages of serious text and much research. However, we have tried to provide a short answer that would reflect the position of the Internationalist Voice.

“Do you believe that if the Communist Left  somehow was not able to survive, the party would not have been formed, the workers would not have been able to carry out the revolution and the world would be destroyed? Do you believe that the existence of an international, centralized revolutionary political organization is vital for the success of the future revolution?”

First, it should be emphasized that the Communist Left is a historical current that arose from the height of the world revolution. It expresses the strength of the proletariat and rooted in the reaction to the failure of the wave of world revolution and, consequently, in the decline of the Communist International. The Communist Left is the only historical current that, after the integration of political currents that were working under the name of communism on the left of capital, continued to defend the proletarian positions. The Communist Left, as a historical current, represented and represents the different tendencies. The Communist Left is composed of many different tendencies, not because of sectarianism within the Left Communism, but because the growth of the working class is not linear and, consequently, working class consciousness is not linear and, thus, will offer different tendencies. Of course, all efforts should be in line with the convergence of the internal tendencies within the Communist Left.

Certainly, until the formation of the Internationalist Communist Party (World Party of the Proletariat), there is a risk that the tendency or tendencies of the Communist Left will be severely weakened or destroyed. However, the Communist Left is not the equivalent of the algebraic sum of the internal tendencies within it but it is a historical current and it should not be forgotten that the Communist Left has become part of the historical memory of the proletariat.

We believe that without the continued existence of the Communist Left (without the theory of the emancipation of the workers), there is no possibility of the formation of the Internationalist Communist Party since the party’s formation is a product of the specific circumstances of the class struggle. Further, the proletarian class-consciousness of the proletariat evolved to a high level to form its Communist International, which is necessary for the victory of the communist revolution. The Internationalist Communist Party is an indispensable weapon for victory in the communist revolution. To attain the victory of the communist revolution, the task of the party is not to organize the working class or to take power instead of the working class without being the political leadership of the proletariat. Without the Internationalist Communist Party, there is no possibility of victory in the communist revolution. Two examples of the labour movement in the necessity of the Internationalist Communist Party have pointed to further battles.

During the wave of world revolution in the years 1917–1924, if the left faction of the German Social Democracy Party had shown the strong determination of the Bolsheviks and its umbilical cord had been separated from the dead body of social democracy—rather than waiting for years to be separated from the right-wing of social democracy— then perhaps the historical course of the world revolution would not have been interrupted and it may be that the world revolution would have been won. In the early 1980s, the sleeping giant of Poland (the Polish proletariat) began to awaken. The class struggle spread across Poland and rang the death knell of capitalism. However, in the end, due to the lack of a revolutionary organization (Internationalist Communist Party), Lech Walesa kissed the hand of the Pope, the symbol of the ideology of capital.

It is also essential to mention that the dictatorship of the proletariat exercises power through the workers’ councils, not through a party dictatorship, the conventional tradition within the left of capital. The task of the Party in the dictatorship of the proletariat and until the abolition of classes is to defend the communist programme and to pursue the abolition of social classes. The Internationalist Communist Party then loses its relevance in a classless society as the prerequisite for a communist party does not exist.

Capitalism is the origin of wage slavery, exploitation, the alienation of man by man and, in short, is a real and earthly hell. Capitalism smells of blood, dirt and mud. Only with the overthrow of capitalism through the communist revolution can a decent human existence be achieved because, without the communist revolution, freedom from the barbarism of capital is not only impossible for workers but also does not exist for humanity. Certainly, the destruction of humanity does not only occur in world wars but it can also take other forms, such as environmental risks or decline through the continuity of capitalist barbarism. Is it not appropriate that the slogan of Internationalist Voice is “communist revolution or the destruction of humanity!

Internationalist Voice

December 2015

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