The Symphony of Disgrace

Movement of Love

On 27 June 2019, the IGCL announced that the Internationalist Voice has long been in love with it [1]. It was also revealed that the Internationalist Voice has been sending love letters to it for a long time, using romantic terms such as “dear”. The IGCL, in the style of Hollywood stars, surprised everyone by unveiling its new love. Of course, it also complained that the Internationalist Voice had aggrieved it five years ago when it defended the ICC, complaining this was not a love affair. But, unfortunately, the sweet moments are too short for some. Suddenly, the Knights came out of their melancholy world and their illusion of love collapsed.

The Internationalist Voice under unimaginable and extremely difficult conditions not only defends communist and internationalist positions, but also emphasizes the need to defend proletarian values and principles. Strengthening and advancing internationalist positions and, more importantly, proletarian values and principles are not the manifestation of political charlatanism. The Internationalist Voice must be discredited by falsehood, illusion, charlatanism and so on. Such gangs cannot bear to see a joint statement and resort to provocation.

Movement of the Oppressed

About 13 centuries ago, the third Shiite imam was killed in Karbala. After that date and every year since, in a dolorous manner, the anniversary of the massacre has been commemorated. The way in which the cruelty and tyranny, as experienced by the Imam, is conveyed makes people so sad that it is impossible to speak about it. Members of the IGCL also grieve for every opportunity that comes to them, narrating with great sadness the tyranny that the Stalinists in the ICC have subjected them to [2]. The narrative of the IGCL is as lugubrious as the Shiite narrative and thus also saddens humanity.

The narrative of the IGCL’s oppression and the cruelty to which it was subjected was transmitted from chest to chest, until it was finally heard by Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq and Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran. Both Ayatollahs, after hearing the heart-rending narrative, declared that the oppression of these people is at the level of the oppression of the martyrs of Karbala and they cried for hours for the oppression of these people. They both unanimously stated that it is as forbidden to read anything from the Stalinists in the ICC as it is to read The Satanic Verses.

Ayatollah Khamenei, given that people under his rule will not inadvertently indulge in sin, ordered the Farsi webpage belonging to the Stalinists of the ICC to be filtered.

Your Holiness, you also became aware five years ago of a group which defended the Stalinists, somehow related to the area of ruling by Your Holiness. His Holiness replied that defending a sinner is more sinful than a crime: all they have and, in any language, must be filtered, so that no one will sin. Each of these, if caught by the believers, will be left with the hand of “Haji Dawood”[3].

Recent Stalinists in the ICC and in Congress 23 have come to the conclusion that the proletariat will not revolutionize, and their previous understanding of world socialism has been wrong. So, they criticized themselves and now want to constitute their socialism on the French island of Belle Île. Peter, the chief of the Stalinists, at the same congress, ordered that everyone should learn French so that they could be transferred to the island soon. Peter also ordered that all men should wear a Stalinist moustache and that anyone who violated this order would be sentenced to life in a forced labour camp. All documents in this regard will soon be released by the IGCL.

Movement of Stigma

Some words have different meanings and values, depending on the geographical or cultural location used. One of these words is “majority”, which in Russian becomes Bolshevik. Bolshevik, before the 1930s, for many people on earth, represented the avant-garde of the class, defending the interests of the proletariat, fighting against imperialist war, defending proletarian values etc. During the slaughter of their political opponents, the Islamic bourgeoisie buried their bodies in an area called the Damned Cemetery. In turned, the remaining opponents of the Islamic bourgeoisie, to respect and honour the memory of the Bolsheviks, changed the name of the Damned Cemetery to the Cemetery of the Bolsheviks.

But the word “majority” in the Iranian political milieu has an opposite meaning to the Russian majority, the Bolsheviks. In the political milieu of Iran, instead of listing all the negative attributes, it is enough to say that the majority is a symbol of inferiority and a symbol of shame. Just like Reza Rakhshan’s name for thousands of Haft Tappeh workers, the majority wanted to get rid of this name and find some political wanderer who will establish a new current and call it the Left Party. Although it will take on this name, but everyone will know this party by the name of the majority.

The Knights did the same thing: found some political wanderer and chose a dazzling name to gain a new identity with a new name and a new platform. But stigma cannot be erased by anything. Apparently, these political charlatans want to play the role of the majority for the internationalists.

Movement of Provocation

The peculiarity of political charlatanism is that it does not adhere to any principles and social values, let alone communist values and principles. It is not averse to lying on a clear day, having no sense of shame and, no matter how stupid work gets, unashamedly continuing to do the dirty work more viciously than ever. Serious and principled political currents do not take such charlatans seriously. They also have trouble getting accepted into the political milieu.

The IGCL’s charlatans resort to dirty lies, in the style of Goebbels, that the Internationalist Voice with its opportunist attitude has discredited proletarian political groups in the proletarian political milieu. While shamelessly announcing that the Internationalist Voice has resorted to “provocation” to discredit it, it has been unable to declare the names of those communist political groups that have been discredited by the Internationalist Voice. The group whose disgraceful life began with provocation and a lack of principle, which constitute its day-to-day operations, has slandered the Internationalist Voice in its discrediting of the communists who resorted to such provocation. Contrary to the filthy lies of the provocateurs, adhering to and defending communist values ​​and principles are the Internationalist Voice’s fundamental and basic feature.

These charlatans have complained that the response of the Internationalist Voice betrays an “absence of any political character”. Apparently, the Internationalist Voice has not seen the merit of “the Legion of Honour” of the Knights. Giving political character to a charlatan gang is the biggest mistake anyone can make. Anyone who politically deals with a charlatan gang will pay the price, even if it were Marx himself. Political charlatans and provocateurs should not be taken seriously; on the contrary, communist values and principles must be defended with gritted teeth.

In the melancholy world, they have spoken of the Internationalist Voice’s attempt to break free of its isolation. Contrary to the illusions of these charlatans, the glorious past of the Internationalist Voice has made it appealing to both the large and the small; and, if anyone denies it, then we will publish documents to prove it.

Firoz Aakbary

22 August 2019


[1] We send our English articles to political currents within the proletarian political milieu and to those who have somehow corresponded with us or asked us to do so. Klasbatalo was added to the list because of correspondence it exchanged with the Internationalist Voice. On 3 March 2014, we received an email from Klasbatalo announcing its new address. The email never stated that this address was for a new group; irresponsibly, it stated that it was “our new address” (see the screen print below). In response to the letter of the IGCL, we wrote:

“Unfortunately, due to an irresponsible act of old Klasbatalo, this email account has been added to our distribution list, as the email address of Klasbatalo not the IGCL, 3 March 2014, see screen print. We have now corrected the mistake and removed this email address from our distribution list. Internationalist Voice”

We thought that our explanation would perhaps make sense of the IGCL’s stupidity and bring it of the illusion it had made for itself. But, apparently, these provocateurs are not thinking about their own honour anymore; only by provocation are they looking to raise their profile.

These political charlatans lie in clear daylight, writing, “informing the closure of one address and the opening of another”.

First, in the above screen print, you can’t see the small explanation that the new address is the address of a new group. Rather, Klasbatalo says it is “our new address”.

Secondly, the address of Klasbatalo was closed at least by 23 April 2015. Look at the screen print below.

Thirdly, both addresses have received texts for more than a year. Again, look at the screen print below.

[2] For example, one of these narratives was quoted to a member of the riff-raff.

[3] The head of Gizel Hesar Prison and the inventor of the coffin, someone who also took the lead in the torture and intimidation of Lajevardi.

Describing the «coffin» is very difficult for non-Iranian readers. Imagine a box, about two meters long with a width of 75 cm and 90 cm height. The blindfolded prisoner would squat from 6 am to 10 pm, and at ten o’clock at night would lie, still blindfolded. He would be led blindfolded to the toilet three times a day, which would take around one to three minutes, and was only allowed to take her/his blindfold off in the toilet. Food was given three times a day, which would be eaten blindfolded. Any sound, even if they were to be interpreted as evidence, would of course be followed with cable handling. This process continued for months. All efforts were based on the assumption that the prisoner would lose her/his mind and control over their thoughts, and would feel herself/himself to be a humble and low man who has betrayed the rule of God on earth. Those who finally broke and repented were brought in front of the other resistance prisoners. The repented prisoner, crying remorsefully, would declare that he/she was a humble human who had betrayed God and was Marxist, but would now admit the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic.

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